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I love this place so much , this has become a second home to me. Iris the owner is very kind she not only cares about providing you with great service she also makes sure that you are satisfied all the way. I've been coming here for years and I don't see myself going anywhere else. The atmosphere is also very great, when I'm stressed I like to come here her soothing music keeps you at peace while you get your hair done, I love this place to the infinity.

Tele A.

Love this place! Took my daughter to get braids, they did an absolute fantastic job! Her hair looks beautiful. Best place I've been by far. Helpful, informative, friendly & personal. We will be going back definitely. Thanks ladies for taking care of my daughter. She loves her new look!

Kris G

I really like that store, the manager is so patient and friendly. The first time I was there, i was indecise she took her time to help me find a wig for my mother. At the end my mother was very happy. Since that day, I recommended that beauty supplies and hair salon to all my friends and coworkers. That store is a one stop shop even for men. You find everything you need to take care of your hair and your skin.

Cloe K

I love this this place i have been every where in mass and this is the best i have had best luck here i have been here for a year and i will never go any where eles but here she is wonderfully but know my best friend as well and very kinda hearted

Hanna S

I stopped in this shop because I now live close by. I was very impressed. A black owned hair supplier....I feel so proud! I am not sure what the complains are but the lady was fabulous. It is so sad that sister's can't support sisters. Nothing in life is perfect but she has a good reputation and of course it would be one of our own kind would try to ruin a successful black women. I am looking forward to doing much business at this shop. Prices are what they are until you own your own shop stop complaining how she HAS to conduct her business. If you haven't had the chance to visit this shop, I highly recommend it...One stop shop. Finally I can be supportive on my own kind not to many hair supply stores are owned by black woman, so if you didn't know that pay attention to who your giving your money too. #Facts! Support Black Owned Business.

Michelle M

10 STARS!!! This place is awesome! Very reasonable prices in general the owner is very nice and she braids PERFECTLY!!! My head isn’t hurting with a headache the braids are not loose but not TOO tight! I just discovered her/this store & ill be going there for anything I need she deserves the clientele! Check it out if your in search of a good hairdresser & good products !

Niasia S

Absolutely love the store, their customer service skills are so good it feels like you’re walking into your favorite aunts house. The owner is a wonderful, friendly, and caring lady who does her best to give the best prices and care with everyone. She has an amazing staff and a well stalked always tip top store that will welcome you with open arms.

Sarah C

Both my mother and I have come Parisian Style Beauty for many years. Iris is a very spirited, caring person that finds the right style and products that fit YOU.

Benji B Designation

Where to begin??? I've been coming to this place for about 4 years now and have been nothing less than impressed with both the service and dedication of the owner and her staff. I walked in after another place COMPLETELY ruined my hair and this woman not only "nursed" it back to health but had the "audacity" (LOL!) to tell me no when I wanted to do something that wouldn't have been healthy. I was completely stunned because people don't tell me no but still I trusted her judgment, especially since she basically took a cut in payment to do what she thought was best for me rather than what I wanted to do. TRULY someone who cares more about the health of your hair than the size of her pockets. I appreciate that. I have NEVER encountered anything other than top notch customer service here and for that I send people here all the time. I have even wondered how she puts up with some of the whackadoodles that stroll in there (and believe me, there are a LOT!) but Iris and her staff are always helpful, kind and courteous. I can't possibly imagine anyone giving this place a bad review unless you're a bigger whack job than the ones I've seen over the years... Anyway, I love this place, I always get great service and my hair ALWAYS looks AMAZING (even if its different than what I originally went in for)! I wish I could give Parisian Style 20 stars!!

Alexia C.

This place rocks! The woman who owns the store is incredibly helpful. She let us try on tons of wigs and enjoyed every second of it. You can tell she loves her job 🙂 The selection is top notch and if she does not have what you are looking for, she's happy to order it for you! Go in with your ladies & have some fun -- you won't be disappointed!

Danielle V.